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Space Odyssey (the working title for the game) is an immersive, space exploration and colonization gaming platform, modularly created and released with craft and ‘bot design customization, with mobile missions and challenges. The world-building nature of the game is akin to Minecraft in Space.


This is a game of the exploration and discovery of deep space. Set 100 years in our future, the theoretical has become actual: humanity has realized compressing time and has increased the breadth of space travel dramatically. As players travel the planet, they have ample opportunity to search for signs of life. Players can record/store/share what they find with the rest of the community.  As more and more evidence of life accrues, the more the universe will yield the greatest secrets of mankind.


The game will expand in scope by incorporating the SPACE TEAMS student developed space assets, planets and missions. 


The game is for PCs, with modular construction for mobile, VR, AR, and can have eventual adaptation to console gaming.

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