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Space Teams Academy

                                    Questions and Answers
How much does it cost?                       For Space Teams Academy 
                                                             Individual Students - $195 USD - 1 year student account
                                                             School/Organization License - $495 USD - 1 year, 4 users
                                                                                                             $995 USD - 1 year, 12 users
                                                                                                           - $50 USD per student
                                                            For Live Competition Programs, Custom Camps/STEM Events 
                                                            See Posted Event Pricing or Contact   
When can I do Space Teams Academy?       NOW, Anytime - Individuals follow self-guided program
                                                                    Classes, Teams, Clubs, Competitions - Time periods chosen                                                                                                                                   by the teacher,
                                                                                                                                 mentor, STEM leader
Is it fun?                                                      It's a blast - see the video of students on the Home Page.
What is the ideal team size?     

    Anywhere from 1 to 10 students can be on a team, but the best size is 3 or 4

What specs does my computer need to have?
  • A CPU with at least 4 cores / 2.7 GHZ
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 15 GB available on Hard Drive
  • Windows 10
  • GPU Recommended

Is this all in Virtual Reality?
There are incredible VR space exploration experiences such as doing a spacewalk, flying all around Mars, or working with robots on the surface of the Moon.  The Space Teams Academy design and mission activities, however, can be done by you and your team directly on your computer.
How long does it take to do?
There are six modules to complete, each including lessons, tutorials and the design/mission activity.  You may want to spend more time on some than on others to get the best mission design and score higher than other teams, but on average, each one takes about 2-3 hours.  Many programs will choose to focus on certain modules and treat the others as optional (based on time available).

How does this align with the Next Generation Science Standards?
Space Teams Academy is perfectly aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and covers most of NASA's STEM Educational Objectives as well.  Here is a Correlation Chart of Space Teams Academy (STA) and NGSS.  
Is this sponsored by NASA?
Yes, Space Teams Academy has NASA Space Grant support to reach up to 10,000 students in 100 underserved community schools or programs over the years 2023-2026.   If your school has been selected for the NASA SG KIDS program, there is no cost to you or your students.
                                                  More FAQs coming below....................
How accurate are the space simulations?
What do the lessons cover and how many hours is it?
How much work is this for the teacher/mentor?
What hardware is required?
How many activities and how long do they take?
How does this teach students about the engineering design process?
What does it mean that AI guidance helps students with their designs?
Are team members working virtually?  Do they need to be together?
How are activities scored?
Can you see what other teams are doing and their scores?
How do you make a team?
Are their prizes for the winning teams?
Is there a certificate for completing the Space Teams Mission successfully?
How does one get help with Space Teams Academy?
Can we add more license seats or students later?

Is there rigorous evidence that this program is successful?
What comes after Space Teams Academy?
Can adults do Space Teams?

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